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Newspaper Delivery Driver Jobs

>> Description

Newspaper Delivery Driving Jobs generally require you to drive a personal (or at times company vehicle) on a dedicated route delivering newspapers to local customers or retail newspaper dealers. Newspaper Delivery Drivers are commonly required to load newspapers into their vehicles, pick-up unsold newspapers, keep records of sales and collecting payment from customers.

>> How-To

To obtain employment in a Newspaper Delivery Driving Job, you will need a valid driver license in the area you wish to deliver, and valid personal liability insurance.

Please view our links page to review your states DMV training requirements you will need to obtain your drivers license.

>> Pay Scale

The 2013 National pay average for a Newspaper Delivery Driver Job ranges from $9,900-$38,000 annually, with a median average of $17,000 annually. The average hourly rate falls between $7.21/hr-$12.50/hr. Pay varies by employer, job type and location. Please review current job openings below.

Current Newspaper Delivery Driver Jobs

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