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School Bus Driver Jobs

>> Description

Employment in a School Bus Driver Job, requires you to pick up students along a dedicated route and drops the students off at school. You may also be asked to transport students, teachers and faculty to sporting events and field trips. A school bus driver generally works part time with a split working shift of mornings and afternoons.

>> How-To

To be eligible for a School Bus Driving Job, you must hold a current CDL with passenger and school bus endorsements. These U.S. Mandated endorsements can be obtained through your local DMV. To receive these endorsements you must first pass both driving and written exams on topics such as loading and unloading children, emergency procedures and state and federal regulations.

Please view our links page to review your states DMV training requirements you will need to obtain your CDL license.

>> Pay Scale

The U.S. Median salary for a School Bus Driver Jobs in 2013 is $27,000 annually.

Current School Bus Driver Jobs

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