Furniture Delivery Driver Jobs

>> Description

Furniture Delivery Driver Jobs allow you to transport furniture from the furniture warehouse to customers via a company truck. As a furniture delivery driver you may be responsible for moving furniture by hand or with the use of a hand truck.

>> How-To

To obtain employment in Furniture Delivery Driving Job, you will be required to obtain a Class B vehicle operator’s license and have a clean driving record. Some jobs may require the driver to be able to lift 50lbs or more.

Please view our links page to review your states DMV training requirements you will need to obtain your class B license.

>> Pay Scale

The national average salary for a Furniture Delivery Driver Job in 2013 ranges from $18,000-$56,000 with a median pay of $28.000. Pay varies by location, type of delivery, company and company benefits.

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Current Furniture Delivery Driver Jobs