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The following are some of the most common questions we are asked here at We hope these questions/answers will provide you the information you need to find your new driving career.
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Q: I am driver looking for a job, how much does it cost to use your site?
A: We do not charge applicants a fee to use our service. HDN is brought to you by our clients; please make sure to click on job postings, visit our company index page, or click on the banner advertising to show your support.
Q: Do you store my personal information?
A: No. will never ask for or store any of your personal/digital information. We ask that you search for companies in your area and apply directly to those that you qualify to drive for.
Q: Can you send my application out to several companies at one time?
A: No. takes pride in our security and privacy commitment. You can only apply to the companies of your choice.
Q: How do I become a professional Driver?
A: First, you must decide if you want to be a Local Delivery Driver, Regional Driver or an Over-the-Road driver. Once you make this decision, please contact your local DMV for training requirements needed for that driving job. If you want to drive a semi-truck, please review local trucking schools on how to obtain your Class A CDL license for over the road driving.
Q: Will you sell my information to advertisers?
A: No. We do not ask for or store your personal and digital information. We also limit banner advertising on our site. Search, review, and apply.
Q: I applied to several companies and have not heard back.
A: Please make sure you search and apply only to the companies you qualify to drive for. If you have done this, please give our clients 24-48 hours to contact you to discuss your employment.
Q: How often can I apply to companies on this site?
A: As often as you want. However, if you are searching companies in your area, and applying to the ones you qualify to drive for, we hope you find your driving career immediately.
Q: What is the best way to search the site?
A: offers many ways to search and find the best company for you. You can use our keyword driver job search tool, as well as our full and part time driver job filter. Please search, review and apply.
Q: Where do I register for an account?
A: You don’t have too. We ask you to apply to each client through their secure, online application. will never ask our applicants to register, sign in or provide us with any personal or digital information. Your security is top priority.
Q: What is the Company Index?
A: The company index is a listing of special job offers provided to you by the clients of HiringDriversNow.
Q: How do I find only the jobs in my state?
A: You may use our advanced driver job search tool or simply click on our “Driver Jobs by State” page and you will find a listing for driving jobs in each state.
Q: What is the Driver Jobs page?
A: Our Driver Jobs page offers you an explanation of each driver type, a quick how-to, national average pay, the current job outlook, and a listing for all driver job posts for each driving type.