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Averitt Now Offering Company-Sponsored Per Diem Program!

Posted in Blog on January 10, 2019
by Averitt | Guest Blogger

NEW in 2019! Averitt now offering a company-sponsored per diem program!

The Averitt Per Diem Manager Program

Beginning Jan. 1, 2019, Averitt is offering a company-sponsored per diem program. This is a great benefit to our driving force, allowing our drivers to take advantage of tax savings and putting more money into their pockets every week!

What is Per Diem?

Per diem pay is classified by the IRS as reimbursement to cover meal and incidental expenses incurred by drivers while they’re away from home. It gives you more take home pay because less taxes are withheld in your weekly paycheck.

Basically, Averitt pays you a flat rate of $66/day for meals and incidental expenses incurred while you’re away from home. This is a fixed amount instead of reimbursing actual meals and incidental expenses; no receipts are required.

All per diem payments are tax free, are not reported on Form W-2, and are not subject to income or employment taxes. Anyone who travels out of town overnight for work is eligible for per diem. A driver must be working away from home for at least 12 hours. This refers to the day a driver starts and ends the day.

Program Details

  • As of Jan. 1, 2018, company drivers cannot claim a per diem deduction on their end-of-year taxes. Drivers can only receive the benefits of per diem if they are participating in a company-sponsored reimbursement program like ours.
  • A driver who is out of town overnight may receive a $66 meals and incidental expense reimbursement once per day up to seven times per week.
  • Per diem is automatically awarded only after drivers confirming your DOT HOS log each day.
  • A driver must depart for an overnight trip before noon to be awarded per diem on the first day away from home, and return to their domicile after noon to be awarded per diem on the last day away from home.
  • Per diem is awarded when travelling at least 50 miles away from your tax home ZIP code.
  • IRS-required time, date and place substantiation is retained and accessible for seven years.
  • This per diem program is provided as a benefit to Averitt drivers at no cost.

What Do Averitt Drivers Need to Do to Participate?

To take advantage of per diem, there’s nothing Averitt associates need to do. Everything is tracked automatically through a driver’s Qualcomm unit. Just confirm your logs the way you already do, and that’s it.

Tax Advantages of Per Diem Program:

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