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Intermodal Driver Jobs

>> Description

Intermodal Driver Jobs allows companies to ship freight in an adaptable container so that it can quickly be moved from truck to train or, in some cases, to boat. This allows for a faster form of transport that is not only adaptable to the needs of the cargo but also reduces handling.

>> How-To

To obtain an Intermodal Driving Job you must first understand you will serve a somewhat different purpose than a traditional truck and trailer driver. The Intermodal Driver will arrive at the factory company to pick up a trailer and drive it to the train station. This can mean anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours driving. Once his cargo has been delivered, the driver will return to the factory for another load.

Please view our links page to review your states DMV training requirements you will need to obtain your CDL license.

>> Pay Scale

The average pay for Intermodal driver Jobs varies from region to region. Most Intermodal Drivers can expect to earn about $42,000-$62,000 a year.

>> Outlook

Employment for Intermodal Truck Driver employment is projected to grow significantly over the next several years.

Current Intermodal Driver Jobs