LTL Truck Driver Jobs

>> Description

When seeking employment for a LTL Truck Driver Job, you will be require to move several smaller freight shipments headed to different destinations and puts them on the same trailer. LTL companies haul multiple shipments so the driving job tends to be more dedicated or regional, and offer more home time.

>> How-To

To obtain employment in a LTL Driving Job, you will require a Class A license. Please contact your local DM V for information on obtaining your training and testing to receive your Class A CDL license.

Please view our links page to review your states DMV training requirements you will need to obtain your CDL license.

>> Pay Scale

The Average salary for a LTL Driving Job varies between $55,000-$70,000 annually. Rates vary by employer, haul type and customer contract.

>> Outlook

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, LTL Jobs will be plentiful in the next decade due to high turnover and retirement as well as population and economic growth.

Current LTL Driver Jobs