Truck Drivers with YouTube Channels – Sharing Life on the Road

March 25, 2024

We’ve compiled some of the top YouTube channels created by truckers in America. You may be inspired to start your own Channel, while you discover new content creators who share a common interest.

Earning extra income as a truck driver is always a plus. If you are tech savy, and enjoy being behind the camera, the audience you can draw as a Trucker can be quite substantial. You can earn money from YouTube views, affiliate links and paid sponsorships on your videos.

Learn from some of the best trucking vloggers, by watching their channels and seeing life on the road from a different perspective. If you’re new to trucking, you can gain valuable first hand knowledge, advice and real world situations truck drivers face.

Check out these Top Truck Driver YouTube Channels:

Alex The Trucking Guy:


Alex, a driver for GP Transco, has over 900K subscribers and has produced over 400 videos! If you’re looking for great videos to binge-watch covering day-to-day topics related to Truckers’ lives, Alex, the Trucking Guy channel is for you.



Big Rig Videos:


Christopher Fiffie, with over 400K subscribers and 750+ videos, will show you everything from trucking show walk-throughs to documentaries and interviews with owner-operators. He even has a feature called “Rolling CB interviews,” where Chris allows the trucker to tell their story as they are going down the road!



Bonehead Truckers:


Bonehead Truckers supports over 230K subscribers, and 1.8K videos take you down the road of pitfalls and mishaps that, as a trucker, you hope do not happen to you! Watch offbeat videos from Road Rage, Jack Knifing, and Dirty Trucks each Wednesday.



Happiness By The Mile:


Shelby is an inspirational female trucker, showcasing life vlogs and sharing awesome trucking info. She compares the Trucking Industry kind of like fight club! She has a over 278K subscribers, and has a great variety of videos for you to binge on.



Riding Shotgun:


Riding Shotgun is a truck driver documenting traveling across the USA. His videos take you on a journey through Snow, Rain, Sleet and Heat! If you love watching from behind the wheel, you’ll see his Big Rig drive through some sketchy stuff. This channel showcases just how much skill it takes to be a professional truck driver, battling through treacherous weather conditions.


EIver2 Trucker


Con más de 355.000 suscriptores, EIver2 Trucker es un chico cubano de Florida. Los camiones son su pasión y hace videos entretenidos compartiendo la vida como camionero!



Truck drivers share a common bond, working rigorous schedules and facing new challenges daily. We hope this list helps you discover new Channels to follow, and also learn new skills and valuable information and technology within the trucking industry!